tp52 Quantum Bulb


TP52 Quantum Bulb Project
Description of the project

We offer an easy and direct approach for bespoke service. We manufacture lead bulbs to suit each client's design, from large boatyards to private individuals building their own yacht.
To ask for a quote, we just need you to:

  • Send us a sketch of the part
  • State the approximate weight
  • State the percentage of antimony (usually between 2% and 4 %)

If you don't have your own sketch, we could suggest our "adimensional" bulb. Adimensional means that it has no defined measurements, but using the proportions of the original design, we can adapt it to the weight required for each boat. This was designed by Adrian Prada ( for our company, enabling us to offer a competitive design at an attractive price.

TP52 Quantum Bulb Project